UtilTool Antivirus – Premium Edition

Ultimate virus protection for your PC

UtilTool Antivirus is a professional-grade antivirus solution for all PC users.

UtilTool Antivirus has won VB100 awards for detecting all known in the Wild threats, however with its Zero Hour protection it also stops the ones that nobody has seen before, plus speeding up your browsing experience by filter out unwanted popups and ads.

Utilizing our AV engine, which currently protecting over Millions of computers worldwide, UtilTool Antivirus ensures an end user can rest assured that they are protected by one of the truly world-class solutions.

UtilTool Antivirus Premium offers its customers a compelling reason to subscribe to its powerful virus protection capabilities:

UtilTool Zero Hour protection is our new enhanced protection based on behavioural analysis, If your computer tries to run a program which is suspicious even if no antivirus company has ever seen this particular threat before, UtilTool Antivirus can still protect your PC.
Premium also includes our Surfguard, this prevents your PC accessing websites which are known to have threats. Surfguard also filter out unwanted ads from web sites and youtube.
Corporate quality protection for the All Users.
UtilTool AutoProtection is a world class technology for protecting itself and keep it self up to date. You do not have to worry about updates, the program will year after year stay updated, always!

Download a free 30 Day Trial of UtilTool Antivirus Premium Edition. If you don’t choose to purchase, the software will downgrade automatically after 30 days to the Free Edition

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Get Zero Hour Protection and a ad-free web experience, only with UtilTool Antivirus Premium.

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